• Do People Actually Read These Things?

    by nadjacs on October 17, 2006 I'm currently starting to put up translations of songs by Unheilig, a band that is sadly all but unknown on this side of the ocean. (I'm trying to do my part in spreading the word.) Their music is a nice mix of industrial/techno/darkwave. Some is a bit heavier, some more electronic, some lighter. Most songs are in German, maybe 1/4 or so are in English. The lyrics generally fit very well with the music. Not the most deeply poetic lyrics, but well-constructed, generally with an interesting meaning, and Der Graf's voice is magical. :) On the other hand, my German is still somewhat less than fluent, so please forgive any mistakes in the translations. I would love to hear constructive criticism or to learn a new idiom that I missed. So far, I've started with the simpler songs, but I'm hoping to get all of them listed with translations over the next little bit. Now, I just hope someone may eventually also reply to my comments. :) No Comments
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