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  • heyy there peeps!

    by bblinn on September 12, 2006 well, im listening to music (when am i not?) lol. right now, im listening to hedley! yum, they make me a proud canadian! ahah. well im off. ;) xo's No Comments

    by bblinn on July 22, 2006 haha, that's team is 2 for 2 in the tournemment!!! :) we only have one more game to play, at like 8:30 tmrw morining :S but i love soccer so its all good over here haha! sooo, has anyone herd the new song by fergie? its called london bridges...its pretty ok, but i think shes a better singer then she is in this song. well, im outt xo No Comments
  • well well

    by bblinn on July 21, 2006 so whats up people? no one had commented for hypnotized by rihanna, seriously you NEED to hear it. anyways, right now im listneing to that lalala by you guessed it..rihanna! theres somthing about here songs that i LOVE! well im gonna go ttyl kiss kiss. No Comments
  • heyy there!

    by bblinn on July 18, 2006 well im just listening to some tunes right now. Anywyas , today is kinda slow. i have to babysitt cuz my parents are going to a memorial for people who died in a helicopter crash :( its very sad. anywho im gonna go now. p.s. if any of you don't know the song hypnotized by rihanna you should hear it, its great. i submitted the lyrics yesterday so they should be there soon!:) No Comments
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