• Duran Duran

    by M_C_R_5_5_5 on August 12, 2006 i've always loved duran duran... i was watching a tape my sister recorded years ago of duran duran behind the music... and i can't seem to get this one thing simon LeBon said out of my mind... "Dying is the easy part, Living is the hard part" No Comments
  • The Used

    by M_C_R_5_5_5 on August 12, 2006 aww yea!!!! sunday, in virginia was no tax day, so my mom and i drove their and bought tons of stuff at patomic mills mall!! i bought myself all THE USED albums, which is completely awesome!!!! No Comments
  • Midieval Times

    by M_C_R_5_5_5 on August 02, 2006 Whoo Hooo! i went to mideival times today, and my knight was AWESOME!!! i had a blast!!! i am absoulutly in LOVE with my chemical romance... my top 3 favorite bands... -my chemical romance -the used -taking back sunday No Comments

    by M_C_R_5_5_5 on June 12, 2006 My birthday was 5 days ago and i bought myself all the my chemical romance cds!!!!! AWWW YEAH!!! IM NOW IN LOVE WITH THE SONGS: -THE JETSET LIFE IS GONNA KILL YOU - OUR LADY OF SORROWS No Comments

    by M_C_R_5_5_5 on June 03, 2006 I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! No Comments
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