• Day & Nightdriving

    by thecolorsblue on November 05, 2008 After not hearing from seven mary three for so long, i was under the impression that they either got tired of playing music or they simply lost their "magic", so to speak. however, after hearing all the tracks from their latest album, I am taken aback by the honesty of the words and the earnestness of the music. similar to rockcrown (which is my favorite album of theirs), they do not hold back on their acoustic songs,nor do they pull the punches on the hard rockers.Am i so glad they are back, and better.Jason Ross simply said, "...you can't shock me cause i can take it. i'm not going anywhere" No Comments
  • missing from the limelight

    by thecolorsblue on July 19, 2006 i have been looking for some acts that has been "underheard" for a time now.one of them being Deep Blue Something,yes the "Breakfast at Tiffanys" band,and also ninedays,the "Story of a girl" band.i have listened to their albums for the last 4 yeasr and i think they have a lot to offer to music listeners everywhere.and they have a lot to prove as well. if rocks are made from years of weathering sands, hopefully these bands are only taking time to sharpen their already exceptional skills.i am only waiting. No Comments
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