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  • oh love don't let me go....

    by *JoSIe* on March 07, 2009 :) long time no journal :( ! reading over my last entry's i laugh to see what kinda stuff i was dealing with...im writing my second semester midterms, almost done my first year in university and i've never had so much stress in my life until this year, but i've never met such amazing friends until this year. Seperating from my old friends really defined to me who was really my friend and who was just my aquaintence...mudered the spelling ;) looking forward for a summer vaca of 4 months, and even starting my second year in university. i've learned so much about how i learn and im so motivated now to look forward with life, it's nice. i met this guy here too, not at my school, but in the city, i like him a lot, he likes me, he's sweet. currently listening to some justin timberlake haha i'm in the dancing mood! friday night yo! and i'm home, but thats ok, i'm EXHAUSTED from a crazy week and im spending the weekend in the library with a fine piece of eyecandy haha OHHHH!! their was this competiton btwn canadian universities, whoever voted the most won a concert, death cab for cutie!!!! :D and some tickets were given away as prizes to voters, and one of my best friends won and he's taking me :)!!! i'm SOO excited to see them!! SOOO SOOO amazing!!!!!! No Comments
  • i wish that i could work it out *

    by *JoSIe* on July 09, 2008 soo... well i am sitting here, random summer evening heat wavee! and i love it to be honest, because their isn't 10 feet of snow on the ground, i have no class and no papers to write... im finally a graduate too grade 12 is over for me and universtiy will start is about 7 weeks and i am scared shitless so much work and what if i screw up... its a big deal here...its so much money and my future and bla bla whatever, im still on summmer vaca! ive been working every day of summer so far with 1 day off! but thats ok, im making a lot of cash to buy stuff and soon i'll be done and have about a month of freedom in the city! beach and shopping, typical girl! :) and him omg him No Comments
  • *wish you were here...PINK FLOYD*

    by *JoSIe* on July 05, 2008 So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, Blue skys from pain. Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? And did they get you to trade Your heros for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange A walk on part in the war For a lead role in a cage? How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here. No Comments
  • i took my love down to violet hill

    by *JoSIe* on May 22, 2008 heyy ! so im pretty good right now this hotttie from another school wants to go to prom with me i said mabey i should have been more...forward and been like YES! haha but i suppose will talk soon he'd look reallly good in my pictures and to walk in with =) coldplays new stufff is amazinggg, so excited its finally here! i got hit super hard in rugby practice today by my best friend, she was suppose to get by me and i was suppose to tackle her and well i did but she was going sooo fast and when she hit me i didn't move with her so it was like a car hitting a wall, that walll being me..anyways, it hurt!! everyone laughed, it was hilarious and i survived but man, i got a nasty bruise out of it and my shoulder reallly hurts, its the one i use to go into contact too and we have a game tmrw :S coach was pretty impressed i actually stopped her though haha it made such a noise too haha i'll survive, but wow, it was a rough hit haha anyways, i should go to bed while its early :) long day tomorrow ! peace out ! ! No Comments
  • hellooo georgeus

    by *JoSIe* on May 08, 2008 so its safe to stay im done with him i felt i had to end everything because i have to stay focused my grad is coming up, but i have MAJOR exams before that and i have a lot of work left. i can't always be thinking about him, worrying about him and bla bla, so im just stopping and its really not that hard ! i suppose i wasn't into him like i though, but, what can you doo ?! anywho, so big rugby game tomorrow, we gotta win the next 3 to advance, and we've beat these teams before so it looks nice :) i found out a bunch of girls on another high school team are afraid of me haha, i was like whatt?! im not that bad, i've had my moments but i mean i mostly play clean and fair...mostly..sometimes..hahaha oh my, i have a stupid physics test friday, im not reaaddy im never ready, i'll go study a bit now and i'll study on the bus tmrw to the game...eff...i hatee physics, and calc.. haha so my tunes of choice have been Violet Hill by coldplay and im getting back into zeppelin, its seems like zeppelin is my summer music, which is cool i suppose, i appreaciate the music more because i don' listen to it all the time :) No Comments
  • where did you go...

    by *JoSIe* on April 24, 2008 Artists: 0 Lyrics: 0 Albums: 0 Members: 0 Comments: 0 Latest Comment: "" - Latest Journal: Newest User: depressing huh... well their is no point in writting if no one reads... bye bye No Comments
  • and i'm just trying to forget, your coming home...

    by *JoSIe* on April 11, 2008 so thank god this week is over im ready to crash in my bed im not going anywheres tonight..just me, my jammies, and bed mabey a quick timmies run haha my life is being absorbed by calculus, physics and rugby i don't mind too much, the part that bugs me the most is the lack of sleep... anways, i've been listening to damian rice lately i think im inlove with his beautifull voice and his lyrics are sooo..relate-able! i guess a trip to the cd store is in my near future =) thats all for now ! have a lovely weekend and SLEEP people!! josephine_eva!hotmail.com bye bye! No Comments
  • baby i'm addicted...

    by *JoSIe* on April 09, 2008 ok, so i know this sounds silly but i wanna know what it would be like to be addicted to something like physicall needing a hit of this or sip of that..and once you got that hit or sip then thats feeling... i know its silly and im not going to become a drug addict or alcoholic buti just wanna know the feeling of being comforted by something like that..like the rush... i am addicted to him though :) now that i sound like an idiot.. muaha! anyways, hells kitchen is on ! i'll journal soon ! No Comments
  • just my ramblings...again and again...

    by *JoSIe* on April 08, 2008 soo my newmotto eff physics haha im soo tired, i had a long day but rugby was nice it always is =) we only got 4 min.. yea i love that tune haha madonna and jt are fineee together!! i misss him like crazy haha i am getting to excited for prom i am in love with my dress, i have everything ready i just need a date for the walk in part and then screw it, partay!!!! well i just updated the mp3 player and new additions were buckcherry-sorry 4 minutes-madonna and jt moved around the pink floyd section and added a few zepp tunes im all set for the rest of the week =) anywho, im exhausted, so off to bed i go ! josephine_eva@hotmail.com hit me up ! No Comments
  • i knew this would happen...

    by *JoSIe* on April 07, 2008 sooo..well, i have a physics test tmrw...first..and i know i'm not ready and i know this time it won't work out for me..i fucked around this whle semester so far (only in physics) and now its here to bite me in the ass and it's going to bit hard but i think i can pull something decent...not good, but somewhat acceptabe and darn..HE has been so busy im starting to think he's not really caring anymore, which normally would be fine by me but this time i think im really into this... time will tell anywho, i just felt like getting some of that out i have 1 hour and 20 min left of phsyics before bed pray for me!! haha =) josephine_eva@hotmail.com hit me up! night ! No Comments
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