• uh

    by sillybunny on September 16, 2012

    So you two are obviously cool being the stooges of others.

    Wouldn’t say that.

    Not really. 

    If someone wanted to use me as their absent excuse for mayhem, I would yank my absent self right out of there.  That is so ballsy!  And it looks like the two of you are doing what you always do.  Nothing.  Most people don’t really ever think about it but neither one of you is anything like the image projected of you

    Not our fault.  As usual, the BGM is the culprit.  Who really is the image projected of themselves by the media?  No one.   But looks like this movie deal is ticking you off.

    It’s impinging on my business. 

    Since when did you become the business mogul?  Must’ve missed that.  Oh ….. You’re referring to that la la take my love with you jazz. 

    La la?  I think my la la has merit!  What have either of you done lately except stand around looking statuesque? 

    She’s making faces again.  She does that well.  She’s also on the outs with Ishy.

    Like hell she is.  Look at my face, boys.  No one will be recycling my brochures.  Our friendship has lasted beyond eons.  I’m shaking cobwebs off as we speak.  

    Whatever.  No big deal.  I just wouldn’t put up with this and I think you guys always do.  You’re so blasé about being everyone’s absent excuse for staging the shootout at the OK corral.  It’s a bit hypocritical, you know and yet no one seems to notice.  Is this the love is blind thing? 

    Okay okay so what do you suggest to help us stop being campfire weenies for the masses?

    Suggestions?  Anyone?

    Eos here.  Time to dance, ladies.  Goddess rise.  Fairy fly. Vila vamp.  Siren shriek. 

    And this will?

    Chill, boys.  It’ll get those yoyos off your backs. But what’s with all that hate?

    Yeah.  Once again, I’m thinking this is all so pointless.  Look at that hate. 

    Don’t give up on us baby.  Spew love back.

    I’ll go in with you.  Me 2.

    So will I.

    We all are.  Ishy insists. 

    Some pathetic fiction?

    Oh yeah …  


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  • love ltr

    by sillybunny on July 28, 2012

    I know light rain in early dawn is correct but I really like Sittin' in front of your house, like rain in early dawn.

    Yes, poetic.  No more love letters for you?

    You would know better than I would.  Guess not but I was never really about letters.  I was going to be about ….

    Just because you aren’t using paper doesn’t mean you aren’t sending love letters

    But you know, letter generally refers to paper

    Tsk task. Have you retired?  Gets asked a lot.

    (Snort!) Yeah, I’d call this retired.  Wouldn’t you?

    I’d call it stressed but then you do stressed like few can.  You are doing your take my love with you to any port or foreign shore and quite well I might add and now you are adding your shark boy and lava girl dream a better dream because it’s unexpected and a perfect coup d’etat. So James Bond and Tinkerbelle at the same time of you.  And how does this pertain to the song?  Your history buffs will so get it.  And for all those who snuck in to fb, yes, the pics are inspired.   

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