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  • Monday came fast...

    by Audium on April 11, 2005 Woow, it´s monday again and the weekend was full of hanging around with friends, biking through the landscape and doing homework! Didn´t matter though! I was riding my bike through snow, rain and sunshine on this Saturdays afternoon and there was a song that drove me all the way to my friends workingplace! Korn - Right Now Oh, and I have to mention the new QOTSA album, its awesome!! Through this rainy morning my temper was litten up by a song called "Burn the Which" from this album, Lullabies to Paralyze. oh, and to all germans out there: The song most fitting to the pope´s death is from Farin Urlaub - Der Papst, great puns and irony at the right time!! It rocks! Later... No Comments
  • Rainy Tuesday afternoon

    by Audium on April 05, 2005 Well, today wasn´t such an exciting day... A test about "lyric ´n something" in my german class and my new pair of Sidi bike shoes arrived. It was pretty rainy outside so the song that touched my feelings was today: Snow Patrol - Fifteen Minutes Old Well it´s Springtime so let´s write MTV: I want to get laid! Kurt, rest in peace and thank you for the Foo Fighters! anytime soon... No Comments
  • First Day... Perfect Spring Day!

    by Audium on April 04, 2005 Well, now I´m a listed member of what is about to become my favourite songtext archive. Today is the 4/4/2005 and it´s a beautiful spring day! I hope that I find the time and post the songs which are bringing me through the days! Pretty much the soundtrack of my own Life! The perfect song for spring time that makes me looking forward to the summer: Speakerbox - Hit The Bass Today another song kind of touched me, it really gives you an idea of how it is to walk wasted or stoned through a club... good times! The Streets - Blinded By the Lights And finally a song that might work his way up in my list of "All Time Favourites", the perfect song for a broken man looking for love! Athlete - Tourist Later... No Comments
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