• La la la

    by Perfect Fool on April 07, 2005 Just sitting about at 10 past 3 this 'happy' thursday morning, knocking about in my room, mooching around msn cos i'm bored and started thinking about music (not that it ever leaves my head anyway). There's far too much i like i've decided. I like too many bands - because my musical taste is so broad there's too much i could list as being a favourite. Placebo are big players in my musical love, although they only cover a bit of it. It's dawned on me that there is far too much good Indie out there and too much good emo - believe it or not. Then there's all the obscure bands that are usually the best! Also on the Isle of Man where i live there's loads of good stuff on the Manx music scene, so much to listen to so little time... No Comments
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