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  • ub...

    by Chalissa on February 10, 2005 can you even comment on these things? No Comments
  • skool is school is Schule is lyceé, yep.

    by Chalissa on February 10, 2005 I'm writing this at school. I'm probably going to be kicked off this computer any minute so students who have "work" to do can use it, but wotthehell Archy wotthehell, there's a dance in the old dame yet. No Comments
  • And Steve flies again...

    by Chalissa on February 08, 2005 I don't see why The Band aren't respected more. They were really unique: They had four good singers, two great and three pretty good writers, deep and thought=provoking lyrics, and every member of the band could play about twenty instruments! God! Sorry. I just get pumped up thinking about them. They're so GOOD, man... No Comments
  • sympathy for the devil, my foot.

    by Chalissa on February 06, 2005 tutu, month 5 Reunion Dinner and Movie colgate Principle for Money Apropros of Nothing No Comments
  • Heff, heff, a helpable horror-lump!

    by Chalissa on February 04, 2005 So here I be again, writing in yet another blog--my umpteenth, to be exact. What's my problem? Why am I so obsessed with the damn things? Why, when I'm teetering on the choice of "do I create an account with this random website?", does the phrase "free blog included" always make up my mind for me? Why god why? God: "Dunno." That wasn't very helpful, God. Anyway, I was waxing rhetorical, so you don't need to butt in. 'Scuse me, I'm insane. I'm sorry, did I forget to introduce myself? I'm insane--I mean, I'm Chalissa. I mean, that's my screen name/online alias nummer 1. (Chalissa, not "insane".) I'm very odd but quite fun, and if you want proof, well, the proof of the pudding is under the crust. So don't be shy, step right up ladies and gentlemen, tell me all about your favorite bands and why you like them! Or tell me all about George Bush and why you hate him! Or elaborate on your reasons for feeling indifferent towards armadillos. I rather like them, myself. Charming little things. Remind me of pillbugs. I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. Not that it ever is. No Comments
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