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  • Krampakton

    by weezerandrosierocks on November 23, 2007 Krampakton E3:022300 E:022100 E3, EE (rhythm: bum (chick) bum bum (chick)) it's the one cramping inside of the golden sun it's the time that i know I'll reach when I'm alive bridgey thing: one guitar be like: D|---1---1---1- A|-3---3---3--- repeating that shat bass is like: A|-3-3-----6-6-4-4- E|-----4-4--------- uthah guit: duh dah duh dah dit-dit-dit(trip) e|--8-9-8-9-10-10-10- B|--8-8-8-8--8--8--8- and shit mayan^ and chorus maybay like G#, A#, Cm, D7 ya know?!?!??!?!!?! aighoawitj;oj No Comments
  • Soundclick Demos

    by weezerandrosierocks on November 23, 2007 http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=776046 No Comments
  • Formal Proposal Song

    by weezerandrosierocks on November 19, 2007 Formal Proposal The topic I chose for the inscription of my research paper assignment is homelessness. Based on current knowledge, I would have to say that homelessness is a big problem in America. This topic has initiated my curiosity ever since I stepped foot into the darkness of downtown Seattle’s alleyways where creatures of the night roam: Homeless People. Most people, who don’t know what to do with their lives or get involved with drugs, usually end up homeless. My research question is: How will America ever completely rid its cities of public homelessness? I plan to find information that explains how American society plans on getting people back on their feet. There must be many projects and organizations that are currently working on this issue, and I expect to find out their achievements and accomplishments towards the goal of having clean city streets. I plan on researching information from mainly university and organization websites online. One university website I plan on receiving information on is Seattle University’s website (http://www.seattleu.edu/tentcity/resources.asp) which has information on homelessness awareness and fact sheets. There are many organization websites that I plan on including in my research that support the elimination of homelessness. Aside from internet sources, I will alternatively use books about homelessness that can be found in my local library. My research method will be to gather information by reading scholarly journals and articles found in the resources I find. Reading through books all about the topic of homelessness would be my next step to further understanding of the topic. No Comments
  • russia predictiong

    by weezerandrosierocks on October 11, 2007 Russia In 15 years, Russia will become so powerful of a country military-wise that they will trade weapons of mass destruction with------. They will slowly build up their military weapons and technologies into an impenetrable wall of power. Russia’s nuclear power will start to grow because they will make nuclear power plants for nuclear bombs. Russia’s power has been sloping downwards, however it will totally start to stride back up to the top. Russia recently has been ambitiously trying to revive the power of its military aircraft. Military aircraft is a good thing to have to become the most powerful country ever. The president, Vladimir Putin, had recently made an announcement during the largest air show in post-Soviet Russia that he will make aircraft manufacture a big priority to overcome the West’s production of military aircraft. If they had a large number of military aircraft, No Comments
  • Humans and Doors

    by weezerandrosierocks on July 07, 2007 main riff/intro D|---2-4-----0---0-| A|-0-----------4---| E|-------0-3-------| how many friends can we meet how many lies can we tell how many people can we tell our little lies dirty/sweet git-lickings i don't feel awkward as a wheel i don't feel the need to even steal eventually i'll have some time eventually adventuring ch i knew a girl once before but she fell in love with the door as sweet as an orchid mutated human-door kids how many miles does it take how many passes of pass lake let's feel a little better about ourselves so we can look good to others who are watching our every move because we know they're watching which makes them want to look at us No Comments
  • In the Middle of a Harvest

    by weezerandrosierocks on May 08, 2006 Equilateral Equilibrium Endopsychratio Elaboratory Endosystem Evernescence End. Room Corner. D E awoken in the nite the wrong number blew its head footsies dancin on a pile of thread in a spinning chair with four legs \"you\'ve got the rite tone of voice\" becarefulyoulingerinafacefulloftears the wreckingball is coming with a never ending scheme C C C C A A E E E E when i was little he pulled a big one on my four by four the harvesting is laying ontopofmychest industries messing with your flavor ear to ear he\'s got a set of plates C C E E E E face is worn hang it on your post \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ e|----------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--7---5-7-|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|----7-----|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------|--5---------5--------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------|----5-4-2-0---5-4-2-------------------------------------------------------------| you\'re out of luck you son of a bitch you\'ve let the oxygen through you\'ve taken every bit of luck and thrown it down a tube you\'ve got nothing left to lose unless you fantasize awake you\'ve found out what happened when you\'re floored into pieces e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---7------6--------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---7------7--------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| your seeping inside skin without a bucket and a reason if the ghosts won\'t go away then how will the clouds they told me keep the door shut G#~~~~~ happy picking: C# F# C# Ebm Ebm C# F# Ebm C# C# F# G# C# F# Em~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ plop me on a conveyor belt to a cave on the wondrous mountain with a tv and my heart on a shelf with no books the bats are my curtains and how mean they are but wing\'ed coping is my friend if it\'s the only way Em~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ just Em strumming: lookin out my stone window and all i see is stone i want to meet with her so i can be alone F~~~~~~~~~ happy F! with a cool singy thing with the \"alone hold out\" F F Bb Bb these rats aren\'t as smart as they look and the taster ain\'t all they took F# F# F F Jill is back from the dead B B Bb Bb Bb plowing off her own head trevor\'s just going like e|--4h5p4------------4h5h4---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------6----7-----------6---7---------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------6---6-----------6----------------------------------------------------| jake: D|--------3-4------3-4-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------4-----2234------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------2-2------------------------------------------------------------| \"but when we came into this land, we knew nothing was free... we knew we were up against the controlling of yours truly\" all as a chorus scream this: bum bam bhum bham buuuuuuuum E E C G E E G C D D C Am fin\'ally made it halfway to the cactus farm when your skidding, you\'re done, with your eyes in the sun the moon has gotten hold of your arms E E C G E E G C D D C Am E E E E because you\'re laying down, with your back to the ground but your face; it eats the crummy loam the legged-clover-tops: inhaling human parts will never be able to drive back home break with someone goin\' or trevor and jake playing this simultaneously e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------9--------7-------9-----7------------------------------| G|----------------------------------7--------5-------7-----5--------------------------------| D|----6-------4-------6-----4-----------8--------8-------8-----6-6----------------------------| A|--5-------3-------5-----3----------------------------------------------------------------| E|------6-------4-------6-----4-4---------------------------------------------------------| mr. bolus will try to claw his way out but don\'t blame him when your intestines\'ve been lacerated he just can\'t find Baron the Blue dreary fungus growing on some more dreary fungus+ (sounds of objects crashing and being squished and slashed and smashed and banged and gonged and bunged and slammed and incarcerated and blooped and soiled and destroyed and hated and criticized and rubbed and skad and kicked and shoved and pushed and loved and smiled and jumped and gangbanged and sucked and licked and twisted and smacked and upside and the and head and shattered and brokend and kissed and caressed and hugged and kneed and fucked and flogged and spindled) which would lead to a beautiful, harmonically and melodically sung: i should\'ve stayed in No Comments
  • Zzzzzzzz Wuh What?

    by weezerandrosierocks on May 08, 2006 intro with the downward upstrokes! Ebm Ab C#m A then the C#m thing do somethine liek the hgin regualr thing B B A/E/F# F# F# F# you can\'t kill a box of suicidal mice it\'s just too nice and you can\'t shoot a shot if you\'ve, earlier, relade the Ab A C# Ab werid timg thing just make it cool goddamnti you bitsdjog No Comments
  • Well, I Guess This Is Good-bye

    by weezerandrosierocks on May 08, 2006 well, I guess this is good-bye -instrumentation- well, I guess this is good-bye No Comments
  • Swoon the Swans

    by weezerandrosierocks on May 08, 2006 start with yeah and my solo riff thing in the beginning verse: verse bassline G|--------------------------------- D|-------1-0------1-0------1-3-/6666----------- A|--3--3-----1--1-----3--3----------5555----- E|--------------------------------- G|-------------------------1-3---4444--- D|-------1-0-1--11-2-3--33------------------- A|--3--3---------------------------- E|-------------------------------- Cm Cm Bb Bb Cm Cm Fm Fm/G Cm Cm Eb Eb G# C# G G you said you knew the carcass you said you knew it well the trees whisper so many secrets i can\'t tell there\'s a devil up in heaven they\'re playing limbo down in hell there\'s a crook enjoying every minute he has in jail werid thing to chorus upstroke Cm Cm then down stroke stc: Cm C# D D# upstorke Cm Cm then down storke stc: Cm D Eb Fm chorus: don\'t forget to swoon the swans don\'t forget to wake up from the dead frustration\'s got a hold of your head but you can\'t stay in oh no you can\'t stay in then some weird thing to get back to verses verse: chorus Eb Eb Bb Bb G G G G Eb Eb Bb Bb Cm Cm Cmstc Fstc Abstc Bb! don\'t forget to swoon the swans don\'t forget to wake up from the dead frustration\'s got a hold of your head but you can\'t stay in oh no you can\'t stay in i knew you\'d forget to swoon the swans you\'ve laid back against the wind like fallen leaf whose feet will be there to crush you to the ground *except end on a verse progression right on solo? i don\'t fucking know! I never know! I\'m a little bastard oh yeah and somehow get into a break down of jake disco thing and then i play that riff thing like the start of the solo thing and then just ya know something choruso up yours don\'t take my eyes and throw them in your funeral don\'t make me stare at your rotting carcass in limbo land our radiance is melting our ability to radiate our systematic snips of phrases and punchlines what if you only knew that the end was coming? what if you only knew that you could save yourself? you\'d wish they\'d never talk to you when you\'re sleeping in your bed but they\'re out your window No Comments
  • Gropecunt Lane

    by weezerandrosierocks on May 08, 2006 intro the five five 3 3 1 1 3 000 you know like a bchord formation but it goes like bum dot deddo bum dat dududatdatdatdat i play the bottom fives and eights of the upstroke c chord while trevor plays the top string C/D#/F then: verse: F# C# E B A A DDD fast up high chords F# C# E B Eb Eb Ab Ab living in gropecunt lane... it\'s almost insane but not quite way up high chorus A A E E Ab Ab Bb Bb it\'s the future of pre saddened wives don\'t whip out your knives outside in picked you know like a c piano chord C C Bb Bb Ab Ab C# C# meet me at barbican centre C C Bb Bb Ab Ab Ab Ab we\'ll live like we\'ve never lived C# C# C C Bb Bb Ab Ab not a shrew with a broken tail G G Gb Gb F F F~~~ or a whore with crunchy disease~~~~~~~~ then after silence, the riff hting you know with tre\'em hoorah i don\'t know anymore No Comments
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