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    by simsfreq on April 30, 2005 Hey there! Well, since I found this nifty little contraption I might as well write in it. And since I never wrote in it before I guess you might like to know a little about me first. Right, well my name is Amy, I'm 16 and live in England. I have short brown (and a bit red) hair, green eyes and I wear glasses. I'm currently studying Graphic Design at Warwickshire College. I'm not single - I have the most amazing boyfriend called Graham... hi sweetie if you're passing through :-) we've been dating for three months now and I adore him. I hope he feels the same about me but I'm pretty sure of that anyway :-) And I can't forget my wonderful friends! You all get a mention too - Chrissie and Lauren from school/college, Roh, Olive, Vicky and Guy from Music Centre, Gemma from work and all of Graham's buddies who I count as friends anyway. If you've been drunk with someone, does that make them a friend? Eh, it does now. You know who you are. If in doubt consult some of those photographs. Love to you all!! As you can see my music taste is quite widespread. I mostly listen to rock music but I love nearly all music from the eighties and I'm quite into folk music. My aunt is a folk singer, Abbie Lathe. I added her to this site but nobody's commented :-( Well if you're bored some time check out her website at, if you click on "releases" you can hear some of her songs. Shameless promotion I know! Well b'byes dears Give me the peace and joy in your mind ~Muse "Bliss" No Comments
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