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  • its been awhile, but i still remember just the way

    by x_miss_red_head_x on January 10, 2005 January 9, 2005 listening to: 'whale song' by Pearl Jam ships followed the ancient lead, decieving friends under the sea.... good song. really nature nazi but oh well. so much! first off i went snowboarding today for the FIRST time. so fun, yet so painful, haha. i sprained my wrist and tumbled really really hard and screwed up my stomach too. whoopee! its not that bad, i'm just glad i skipped out on the ER. lol. i was in the clinic for abooot 2 hours, just sleeping and drifting. there were people that were worse, though. some dude tore a legament and 'relocated' his kneecap, another dude passed out, and another dude came in on a board/stretcher thingy. actually he was pretty hot. lol. then another little girl came in limping....her name was juliet. anyway, the ski bus was canceled this saturday because we got a SHITLOAD of snow. so awesome! so i went sledding instead with some guys and ashley. then we took bellair bus to mt. baker today, sunday. it was me, david, ian and ashley. i fell so much, lol. and i almost did'nt make it to the bus on time, i could have been fined $50 for skipping out or something like that. ashley and david called the snowmobilers on their radio thingys, and i went to the heather meadows lodge on time where i was being picked up in the shuttle (the clinic was in another lodge). so yeah, it was cool. got my board, did'nt have to rent anything, the board is LTD and the boots are some old burtons. my bindings suck though, the front strap is'nt a clicker and its hard to strap in when you have gloves and stuff, so david and ian did it. i actually got a really good price on everything, $180 for the board *brand new* $50 for the boots and bindings, the bindings were some old rentals from Mt. Baker so they sucked but oh well. we went on chair 2 twice, and that was fine, but then they dragged me up to chair 5 and thats where i got my body busted. it SUCKED. but i was fine once i had ibuprofen. thank god for that stuff. and the nurses were really nice. soo tired, i hope we don't have school tomorrow, i think we'll at least have a delay. i'm going to go sleep. oh yeah, and happy birthday to my best friend phenicia one day late! i still have'nt gotten her present...ugh....her bf got her a sapphire and diamond ring. lucky bitch. oh well i already got one from an old bf. lol. but i had to give it back. speaking of bfs, nick is fine, but i was SO tempted to cheat on him this weekend with another guy named matt who liked me. *sigh* i am so trapped. No Comments
  • new beginnings?

    by x_miss_red_head_x on January 02, 2005 January 1, 2005 No Comments
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