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    by x_miss_red_head_x on November 30, 2004 November 29, 2004 listening to: "Walking stick for the weak" by Thought Riot i don't know i just have alot on my mind now. alot more happened today than what i said. today was mediterranean monday! woohoo! me and my best friend have decided to hang out every monday after school because we hardly do anymore and because mondays suck and we need to make them better. i don't know if mom will let me because of my ONE bad grade but i don't care. she matters more than what mom says. i painted my nails weird last night and they looked like bloody milk. lol. Tomorrow i don't have lunch with my bf. sad. but anyway me and my best friend were just catching up on all the stuff we missed in each other's lives. all the stuff with her boyfriend and all the stuff with mine. and then we started talking about how so many people screwed up their freshman year by drinking and smoking and having sex and all that, and how almost everyone regrets everything they did. i don't know, maybe they just needed to learn from what they were doing. i'm listening to "Bodies" by the Sex Pistols and it is a great song! never realized how kickass they were. i reached the 200 mark on windows media player! wow thats like 1/4 of what david has but oh well i'm proud, like a month ago i had half of that. i'm building it up. if i lost everything i had on that program then i would probably kill myself. speaking of which today in english we had an assignment with the sub asking us what we were thankful for. i said 5 things: 1. pop tarts. they are just so good! i love them. 2. my boyfriend. when all is crappy, i can go to him and get my dose of love :) i love him too. 3. windows media player. i would kill myself if i lost everything on that as i said before. 4. ian's house. because if it werent for there then i would be either homeless or bored. probably both. 5. my job. if i did'nt have it then i would probably be wearing clothes from 3 years ago, and thats gross if you ask me. plus i would never go to the movies ever, and i probably would'nt have shampoo or something to eat besides free lunch. g2g mom is yelling. leftover crack is a good band too. listen to "gang control" all you little people. No Comments
  • F's

    by x_miss_red_head_x on November 30, 2004 November 29, 2004 Listening to: The Bombs Fall by Axes of Evil I got an F in Science on my progress report today. Now i'm just going to have to wait until i see dad so i can get slapped around and screamed at. i don't even understand science, so how am i supposed to do the work if i don't understand what the hell we're doing? the whole thought of it makes me sick. and scared. so this weekend i basically hung with ian and david and david. we played tag at ian's, then on sat. we went to david's and the guys played halo 2, and then on sunday david came over than we went to ian's again. wow. wish i could have hung with my bf but oh well. he was really sweet today, he said he missed me a bunch over these four days. what a sweetheart. its weird, with my last relationship distance was a bad thing, it just made him do stuff with other girls and get annoyed with me, but with this one, its kind of a good thing because we realize how much we miss each other over the weekend and all that....and....i don't know....it kind of builds up the anticipation. and it's way easier since we only don't see each other for 2-4 days instead of a week. thinking about the other guy makes me sad....what a waste it was when it all wound down. just two weeks of really liking each other, then i guess he got tired of me. i don't really know what happened. i wish i did. it would have probably made it alot easier. No Comments
  • Mom and money

    by x_miss_red_head_x on November 28, 2004 November 27, 2004 listening to: Son et Lumiere by Mars Volta i'm mad. i did'nt work today, i can't see my boyfriend and for once my mom is really depressing when she talks about life for us. its always negative with her, and she says that i'm negative and wonders where i get it from. huh. she blows alot of stuff out of proportion, too. like that we are SO poor and can't afford much for x-mas. i don't think it's as bad as she's making it out to be but it still sucks. i've chosen not to go snowboarding because i can't afford it. i need to buy ppl stuff for christmas because i know they are buying stuff for me and i don't want to be ungrateful and selfish when i know that i have, even it's small, some spending money. just not enough for the stuff that counts. but everything happens for a reason, i guess. and i've been going through this because i know it will teach me something, no matter what that may be. No Comments
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