• another jesus joke

    by lakeoffire_ on February 21, 2005 so jesus walks into a motel 6.he goes up to the dude behind the counter in the front lobby.he hand's him 3 nails and say's"put me up for the night". No Comments
  • interesting book

    by lakeoffire_ on January 14, 2005 recenty I read the book Sound Of The Beast:The Complete Headbanging History Of Heavy Metal.it's actually a pretty good book.just about everyone who has even picked up an overdriven guitar in the past 20 years is mentioned,as well as thing's like tony iommi's story of the severed finger's,Tipper Gore's anti-obscenity rampage,and yes even the early 90's norwegian infamy,such as the church burning and the ill-fated mayhem member's Dead and Euronymous.pretty twisted fuckin' country if you ask me,but anyway,the book also contain's intricate diagram's like the deciphering of the genre's and metal's earliest-to-latest roots. No Comments
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