• hmmm...

    by Angry Sar on August 02, 2006 Another good name for a band: Six Inches of Stitches. It would be all thrash metal, kind of like Carnivore or Cannibal Corpse. Some death metal stuff. I dunno. Go me. No Comments
  • Corn and stuff

    by Angry Sar on February 28, 2006 Sometimes when I'm really bored I sing this song about foods I like, it goes... "I like cheese, I like corn, I like stuffed peppers" or "I like burger, I like cheese, I like cheeseburgers", things to that nature. Sometimes I will just put random foods together and it gives me good ideas for recipes. Sweet and stuff. No Comments
  • Random complaints and cheese

    by Angry Sar on July 01, 2005 I am somewhat annoyed that I haven't got any angry posts back to my hideously funny random Weezer song comments. Heh. They were random yet hard to think of. Dang. Oh well. If I had a rock band, I have agreed that it would be called Beat Self. Stupid metal with lots of yelling and unnessary vocal conniptions (sp?) like Layne Staley style, circa 1987. lol. Beat Self. Now. Harder. WIth a stick. LOLOL I am so damn funny. No Comments
  • Fun times surround you

    by Angry Sar on January 18, 2005 Captains log, stardate 46.924 I just discovered this nifty journal tool. Hmm... I wonder if anyone else can read this? WOWOWOW amazing. I am surrounded by fun times. No Comments
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