• Have you ever felt so hopeful but cant quite get there. You know how it feels to feel good and great but your so sunk in your depression you cant swim out. you feel trapped and in a constant despair. You crave so bad for the good feelings and even antidepressants dont do the job. When will you see the sun again but really feel it. How can you get there without sinking again to a bottmless pit of darkness where you feel numb and fatigued. what will take you there? It is pyshsiologial? Is it God? Is it perseverance? What is it and when

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  • Keep fighting to rediscover yourself ... you will not be the same person you were, but you will find a beacon on the roughest seas. You just need to keep afloat and keep searching for that beacon, no matter how hopeless it may seem at the moment.

    I wrote a few poems about "Sadness" a fictional character and their battles with depression (based on my experiences) withheldindarkness.wordpress.com/tag/sadness/
    sokornyon July 19, 2016   Link
  • Gimme a call whenever you found out... x_x
    Rmeenaon July 18, 2016   Link

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