• "There are things that music can do that language could never do, that painting could never do, or sculpture. Music is capable of going directly to the source of the mystery. It doesn't have to explain it. It can simply celebrate it." -- Marsha Norman
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  • Thanks for contributing so much - every contribution sparks conversation amongst fans so you have kept us all talking.
    gilbagon January 18, 2018   Link
  • i am too chicken to send you an email, but i would like to say thank you
    thanks for like including my artists, in the beginning it must of been a hastle, coz i did lots of typos.
    and btw your name reminds me of marshmellows for some reason:)
    alterEgoon April 08, 2010   Link
  • you posted this on my birthday like, 4 years ago.
    Cool, that was random
    ringsinmypocketon July 13, 2009   Link

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