Over the Rainbow

  • I don't know where to begin again
    I've lost the life I've come to know
    Cut and dried up in a night
    But took twenty years to grow

    This isn't where I want to be
    It's not what I had in mind
    I don't know if I can stay
    If I'm just wasting all my time

    What I ask for isn't crazy
    It's what everybody wants out of life
    I just want somebody to make me feel like somebody
    To be wanted and cared for
    Forgive me for wanting something more
    Reaching for the moon
    Grasping for stars
    Hoping to get just a little bit farther than far

    I don't know where you are
    But I'll find you

    Believe me
    If I wanted to I could try
    Build up a new wall
    Under a new sky
    Out of this town by nine
    And believe me
    I want to

    I don't know where they go
    They talk about forever like it's so easy
    A snap of your fingers
    But I don't see the faintest sign
    Of the life they show
    Over the rainbow

    That's where I want to go
    Over the rainbow

    The colored lights
    The neon skies
    The wonderful life
    Waiting for me to turn around
    I finally found
    Where I want to be
    Over the rainbow

    I'm tired of living on my own
    In a crowded room I still feel alone
    This pond's too small for me to grow
    I just need to find a way back home

    I need to find a place to call my own
    With apple trees and spearmint leaves
    A sun to warm the summer breeze
    And words like please and thank you never take you by surprise
    Somewhere, there's gotta be
    A place where I don't have to make believe
    There's gotta be somewhere
    Over the rainbow

    That's where I want to be
    Over the rainbow
    Someday I'll be
    Over the rainbow

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  • I like the poetic flow and rhythm in this post - especially the first 2 stanzas.
    Too bad the rhythm can't be maintained for the whole thing.

    NomadMonadon June 07, 2013   Link
  • I can empathize with you Cest-La-Vie, as I yearn for the same.

    "To achieve happiness, we must continuously reflect and evaluate our true thoughts and emotions in order to align them with our goals and desires, but most of all, our dreams for tomorrow..."
    AbsurdlyBigon June 01, 2013   Link

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