May 18, 2002

  • ...So my friend's ex-fiance shows up outta the blue at my parents' house the other day. They'd been together for so long that it's still hard for me to get used to her as a seperate person. My friend still reminisces about the days when he was in love with her and thought they'd get married. He sees her as a completely different person from the one he'd fallen for. She acts differently, that's for sure... she used to get high all the time, and maybe it changed her personality a little. She was whining to me about how she 'needed to get laid' as if there was anything I could to to help. I'm not attracted to her in that way, and even if she desired me it would end badly for all of us. I suppose she just needed someone to rant to, and I was a safe bet because anything that would've happened between us would've been over with long ago. I don't know why I felt insulted when she told me she didn't find me attractive, since the feeling was mutual. Ever wish you could just turn those bothersome emotions off? I do.
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