• by Magda Knight Victorian slang - quick sex dictionary •Breasts - Diddeys, bubbies (a bushel bubby is a full-breasted woman), chicken-breasted (flat-chested), one’s dairy, cupid’s kettle drums •Testicles - Whirlygigs, ballocks, bawbles, trinkets, gingambobs, thingambobs, tallywags, twiddle-diddles •Woman’s private parts - Cock alley, Cock Lane, one’s commodity, dumb glutton, fruitful vine, old hat (because frequently felt), Miss or Lady Laycock, madge, money (commonly applied to little children. ‘Careful there miss, or you’ll show us your money’), muff, notch, cunny, quim, crinkum-crankum •Willy - Arbor vitae, gaying instrument, lobcock (a willy that’s large and relaxed), Nebuchadnezzar, plug-tail, tackle, whore-pipe •Shagging - to tup, to dab it up with, to give a green gown (ie. get her dress grassy), to join giblets, to grind, to knock, to occupy, prigging, wapping •Gay - Mandrake (man), Tom (butch or boyish lesbian), Sapphist (any kind of lesbian) •Prostitute - Pinchcock, bunter (half-whore, half-beggar), laced mutton, toffer, unfortunate woman •Lady who’s a bit of a romp - wagtail, bobtail, bangtail, cleaver, rantipole (to ride rantipole), dirty puzzle (a nasty slut) •Wanking - to fetch mettle (mettle being semen), to toss off. Women apparently didn’t wank - at least Queen Victoria thought so, which is why she changed the law to say a woman could never be accused of the female equivalent of onanism. •Buttocks - blind cupid, nancy, roundmouth (but that’s just the bottom’s winking star) Victorian slang - doing sexy •Terms of endearment - My dear nug (‘My dear love’) •Tipping the velvet - tonguing a woman’s mouth or, if you were very naughty, her muff •Unrigged - undressed •Brother starling - a man who has sex with the same woman as his friend •To play a game at loll tongue - to drool over a woman, to do anything with a woman that would cause saliva •Melting moments - a fat man and woman in amourous congress •Piss-proud - having a false or unsturdy erection •Quail-pipe - a woman’s tongue •Having a buttered bun - engaging in the carnal act with a woman who’s just finished lying with someone else
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