• wow, what can I say? After doing some looking around, I really wonder if I'll be a memory's little bro came on and made some of the stupid ass post that I had stumbled upon because they contrast in ways many of his other posts. But it doesnt matter, whether it be a family of morons or just one moron all the posts have a similarity, they suck. Lets take a look shall we?: Quotes by the moron above (I advise readers to not read all of the quotes or you may contemplate shooting yourself in the face such as I did, just read the response).... "Just so you guys know. Atreyu have been around since they were teenagers, in a band called REDEMPTION. Then, they released an EP as Atreyu quite a while ago called VISIONS. That was most definitly in the late 90s. So I'm pretty sure they've been around as long as, if not longer then A7X. This is A7X's only good song. The rest suck. If you want to hear good music, go listen to Poison The Well, or Odd Project. Matt Lamb of Odd Project has the best scream in all of metalcore." Response: Who gives a shit "I'll suck your dick. Cum in my eye. I'm gonna fuck a guy tonight." Response: Who gives a shit "Worst Slipknot song in history." Response: Who gives a shit "It has absolutely -nothing- to do with a relationship. The song's about Bert trying to beat his drug addiction. "Maybe Memories" meaning he knows that there's a chance he'll go back to doing drugs. I will now analyze the entire song: "as we trudge along through the mud and we tried to call it home but we weren't all right, not at all not for one second " - He got so used to the drug habit that it felt like home, normal to him, but he knew that it wasn't, and that he was never all right. "never have we been one to write it down now i think i can i know I'm stronger now who's looking south not me I'm looking back I'm done denying the truth to anyone cause I'm alive" -He never really mentioned to anyone that he was addicted to drugs, and he denied that he was and didn't think he was...but then realized he was. "'Cause I'm alive" meaning that he's clean...no longer on drugs and feeling better "you showed me how you seemed to find a hole but i just laughed and smiled begged and rolled my eyes even cried and denied the truth to you just like the truth to me mostly lied" - People told him he was addicted, but he denied it to himself, and to everyone else, he laughed when people told him he was a drug addict. "I'm not going to look back" - He's going to stay clean forever "white it out like glittering wax butterflies" - I don't think that has any real meaning...it's just Bert being his weird ass self " Response: Who gives a shit See the recurring theme here kids? Thats right! No one gives a shit about what he has to say! I always thought an opinion couldnt be wrong, but there he goes breaking the laws of logic. And it seems it doesnt matter if he puts 3 hours of meningless thoughts into his posts or 3 seconds, its to no avail, they all seem to have the same outcome, a post that resembles a pile of shit. Does he really think someone will give a shit about what he says? only about 4000 people have posted about sum 41, why dont you try to post in there...
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