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  • December 28, 2004 listening to: 'Stellar' by Incubus alex called me last night, we just talked for half an hour about random stuff. not as deep as before, and probably the last time. *sigh* i created a myspace thingy, and i have 8 friends. wow. its pretty cool, with a kurt cobain background and nirvana music and all that. i saw meet the fockers last night with my own focker, nick. i FINALLY saw him after, um, too long. it was nice. alex came with us and they met and there was nothing big so....i guess....nothing. at least they talked a little, i think nick is one of the friendliest people i've met, always open to new people. he met ashley and keenan, too. on myspace she said he was "um....kinda hott. i will say no more". i'm left hanging, good thing or bad thing? hm.... nikki is coming over tomorrow, we're gonna chill with ian and david at ian's house (of course). lindsey is coming too, have'nt seen that girl forever. nikki and david get to see each other awww! if only it were the same for me...and it could be i have'nt even asked yet so you NEVER KNOW, do ya? my friend chloe wrote this poem thing on her xanga site, really sad and how her life sucks. i feel for that girl, i hope shes alright. she just puts on a mask every day, and takes it off only for few, and her website. i just want it to end for her. why do humans have to go through the plights that those of their kind pile them with? david, too. his dad pushes him around and he is ALWAYS yelled at. he wants to move in with ashley, i say he gets a divorce from those monsters and does so. parents can make or break a life. usually breaking it. no wonder david plays his guitar all day, to escape. and no wonder chloe writes and draws and is out all the time, to escape from the 18-year old hell she and david are confined to. god, i'm going to treat my kids SO good. i'm going to rock out like ashley and david's parents. they are the best parents i know. anyway, matt's friend drew shot me in the lower back with an aerosoft gun today and it HURTS! ugh.....i kicked matt's ass in front of him hahaha!
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