christmas eve's eve.

  • December 23, 2004 listening to: "the bombs fall" by axes of evil who i am trying to add to the artist list anyway! its not on songmeanings! ugh. goddammit fuck i was typing then it erased. ugh.... dude it was buy one get one free at this store for nag champa incense! yeah man.... i'm gonna smoke out my room now and piss dad off. speaking of which, he still hates the world so this christmas is gonna suck a little bit more now. *sigh* christmas in 2002 sucked ass too. dad got mad at everyone and so then it was'nt as cool. i still remember it....i wrote in my rant notebook about it, and i found it the other day. he got mad about the music at church. hurt his fucking ear. god damn who cares its not our fault! we're just the scapegoats for any feeling or emotion he decides to emit from his inflated head. goooooooood i'm so tired of it! now i'm mad. i had another one of those chest pains today when i was at the other ian's house picking up his guitar stuff. i almost collapsed, it was really scary. hurts like a motherfucker..... anyway i spent the night last night at my friend nicky's. she's awesome.....there was a little party and i did'nt want to go home because of asshole, so she let me stay there. then this morning we got on the bus to the mall and hung out with david, his sister and other ian. then we went to bed bath and beyond and then to costco and then to other ian's house to pick up his stuff. when i spent the night we were up till 2 talking about stuff. she is from another high school, and she was telling me that the people there think that my school is the crack school, their school the pot school, and the other high school the 'try new stuff' school. and another one is the exctacy school. ha! we're like the everything school, there are the ghettos that smoke ciggys and weed, occasionally dipped in meth, and then the rich kids can afford more expensive stuff like crack and x. funny stuff. yeah, it was fun. and now i have ALL my christmas shopping done. i was in a sports store and i wanted to buy a kansas city chiefs keychain for dad since he's from kansas, and their fucking computer was frozen, so i stood there for 10 minutes, then said fuck it and i got him a norah jones cd. he likes her i guess. thats what i get for buying him something for xmas. bullshit! uuuuugggghhhhhhhh...............i want to break something........or smoke or SOMETHING. i don't think i'll ever smoke again.....i'm done with it. it's dumb anyway. lol kinda an oxymoron, huh?
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