• December 21, 2004 listening to: "3 away" by Pretty Girls Make Graves just called my shithead boyfriend and he says he was too "busy" to fucking call me all weekend. and tonight he's gonna be at a party right down the street from ian's house (where i am right now) and he might be too "tired" to stop by. fuck him!!! fuck his mom! fuck his fucking dog! i hate him! goddamit i'm so fucking sick of him! why the fuck does he do this fucking shit to me? meanwhile in my surreal life....mom was'nt even going to let me come over here because i had'nt put up any decorations all weekend...and some other shitty made-up reasons. my brother has been out all weekend with his friend, and has he cleaned the bathroom? his room? vacuumed? all the OTHER stuff i did? its so unfair it makes me puke. no fucking wonder i want to get out of my house whenever i can. my dad also threw me across the hall this morning! my knee fucking hurts now, he busted it up. i guess i was being too "sassy" when he wrongfully accused me of some other made-up shit. oh, my bad. i guess i won't defend myslef anymore, because i'll get beat up for it. fuck this fucking world. i hate it. if i did'nt have friends i would probably kill myself.
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