• December 20, 2004 listening to: "Minerva" by The Deftones we're STILL decorating the tree...... just finished wrapping the last of my presents....found a bunch of good deals at hot topic. i think i spent about $100 this year on gifts for people....and i got stuff for like 20 people. pretty good! now i just have to get some snow pants.....i really want these ones from zumiez....limelight ones that will match my coat. i have like $30 dollars left so maybe i could pitch in if i got them for christmas. this morning i told my dad about the stuff i got mom and my brother and sister....and he told me that i should'nt have bought any gifts for them! he said i should save up for amsterdam. what!?! he says he wants to go there in spring. whoa.....that came out of nowhere.....he says i gotta get a passport....thats like $60. so much stuff...... last saturday i payed for the ski bus to the yes! i am going snowboarding! ppl are gonna make fun of me cuz its my first year....but oh well....i'll learn well i hope. now there are just rentals.....i don't know what equipment i'm gonna get yet.... i want to go to ian's today but i don't know if mom will let moi.... i went to go see a series of unfortunate events last night...its was a pretty tight movie. kinda weird though. the guy kid is gonna grow up to be HOTT! hes a cutie. i went with my best friend, phenicia, and her boyfriend, who is in a wheelchair! he got injured in a wrestling tournament....poor dude. and his little brother, who i got to sit with in the front with. he's like 8. cute kid. he asked me if he could take of his jacket in the theatre....funny stuff. i guess i would recommend the movie for kids and stuff. i want to go see a horror movie now though....i have'nt seen one in a long time. and shithead nick is too scared to go...moron.
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