and just like...the movies....

  • December 19, 2004 listening to: "don't call me white" by NOFX muahaha! i don't have to go to school tomorrow! whoop! tonight i'm going to a movie with my best friend and her bf...and maybe gina too. i don't think nick will surprise there. what an asshole! i'm hella mad at him.... okay, i went home with a friend named laura and her sister valerie....gina was with us, she came too. we rode the same bus as nick...but me and gina ended up in back because there was'nt room for us near him. laura and valerie were up in the front with him and his friends....and supposedly his friends were talking shit about me! wtf! this has been going on for awhile but i never really realized it because it was'nt a huge issue....but then i find out that all through this nick DID'NT SAY A WORD. did'nt defend me in any way. what the fuck!?!?! these guys are calling me a slut and saying all this stuff and they don't even know me! how can they say this? i swear to god that on monday i am bitching them out. these little spoiled brats are just jealous that nick got someone and they're still single....that is'nt my fucking fault! they can kiss my ass. and i'm gonna tell them to do so and if they do it again and i hear about it i'll deck them in the fucking face. i guarantee i will...i'm not afraid to show them who's boss. god damn! it pisses me off! and i don't even know them! ahhh! they don't know who they're messing with. i'll mess them the fuck up.
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