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  • December 14, 2004 listening to: "When You Heard You" by The French Kicks Wow! i have been gone for a long time. since wednesday. geez. alot has happened. well i went to vegas. we stayed at the MGM was awesome! its such a cool place...i really want to go back. it was just me and my dad...and we were there for a night. when i told people that i was there for only one night they freaked out "only one night?!?" uh yeah...i go places for one night all the time i went to san francisco and i went and left the same day. it was still fun....and we got alot of stuff in. chinatown and all that.....and a really cool restaurant called the oriental pearl. but vegas was SO awesome. me and my friend gina are SO going there....even if we're only 16. i know that we would have a blast...i want to go with my mom and gina and her would still be fun. one of the best parts was the mall inside caesar's palace... the ceiling of the mall changed colors and went from cloudy to night to day all at the same was awesome. i also visited the bellagio, the paris, the luxor, caesar's palace, MGM grand and parts of New York New York. i did'nt get alot in, but we only had so much time there. we totally forgot about the venetian! ahh! next time dad wants to take the family. i guess that would be fun. but when we were on the streets there were some men holding these baseball cards....and they were porno cards! lol! i bet my brother would have a blast with that. i have been wanting to visit the luxor since i was a little girl and i saw it on TV. it was really cool, when i was there i bought a little egyptian cat figurine. cute! i've always been into egyptian stuff....ever since i was in 2nd grade when my dad told me about it. ever since i've been watching documentaries, etc. and i'm just waiting to go myself. although its fake, i did like the mummy. lol. and i've studied all the egyptian gods and the civilization.....i used to read up every book there was on the subject when i was younger. i dont have the time now but the desire remains. i was'nt able to go to school on friday because i got home too late....and i would have had only 2 hours there anyway. i told everyone i would though....that was a bummer for my bf because he had my present. but after school he came over with ian and i went over to his place and i got my present....a dozen red roses! i love them...i put them in my vase on my dresser with some aspirin in the water...i heard somewhere that was good for them. anyway it was really sweet....i got another present but thats my business. :-) i just found out today that he likes the pixies! wow! actual half-good music! lol. so yeah...i got all my presents on my birthday from my friends....gina got me the beyond paradise perfume that i've been wanting forever (it was alot of money and i owe her!), jessi got me a bunch of candy, it got cards from tons of people, my friend ashely got me a shirt that reads 'redhead' in glittery stone thingys and some redhead shampoo and conditioner that i've been looking for..(have you ever noticed that john frieda has sheer blonde and beautiful brunette but NEVER any redhead products? wtf is going on!?) and so that was really cool. on saturday i went to alex's house (my x, by the way) and the band played for was kickass and i had fun....saw some people that i have'nt seen forever. the music was really good. speaking of which, i saw this guy today named derek come to my school, i had'nt seen him forever and he goes to was really cool but i did'nt have the chance to say hi :-/ i went to a concert/show thingy with him and a bunch of friends once. my bf does'nt listen to hardcore/punk music :-( last friday i saw ocean's twelve, it was pretty awesome. gina said it was'nt as good as ocean's eleven but i havent seen that. mom made chex mix today :-) huh......i'm bored now....i think i'm gonna call david now....have'nt talked to that dude forever.
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