• Okay, so while driving in the car an idea came to me. Something to do with if a child lost somebody very close to them, they might think that they are just somewhere else on earth. (Now i realize this sounds kinda dumb at the moment, but in my head it seems to work so just go with it). It also ties in a concept i have that poeple can be hiding any number of places, that there are just endless places in this world that are filled with thousands of people. So, disregarding all of hat here is what I have come up with thus far: And l, the child began to look, he opened every cupboard door, tore up every board of floor checked every thousand grocery store, running wildly through the streets, checking every place he'd meet, 'til that place he deemed complete. he checked around every dirty town, listening for a mom-ish sound. his feet carrying him wildly across the ground. the poor brain and heart terrifyingly pound. Thus he cried and fled the vill, his big blue eyes glazed: his heart stood still He felt, of course she stood the earth he plead for help from God at church longing for the one gave birth. Hmm... I feel that that last line there is week and i must change it....but anyways wrote that in about five minutes....the idea really ran with me. There's an opening part to it also but I really don't feel like posting it because i don't really think it does a good job conveying what i want to express...*yet*
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