To America, Love Me

  • [1]Listen, now, to what I say Many freedoms have been taken away Removed wrongfully without reconsideration You just gotta love this warped nation Green Day said it better than me When, "American Idiot" was released But we're all getting to the same point America's just a burned-out joint [C]This is not the way things should be done Children should know how to run Other than virtually That's just leading up to what we be We are... We are... Dumb, lazy, greedy and needy Welfare is the way for far too many Bouncing checks like a ball Let's just give the money to all [2]SO, sit in your cell another hour Twiddle your thumbs the whole time through They say you killed a man But the killer runs free 'cause it ain't true Secluded from the world, The only place you could go Just because you need some meds You got away by the feds [C] [3]Walk through the back door of Hell The VIP of the Satanic Realm Breathe in the flames of hate 'Cause you're actually standing on the Golden Gate Smile down on those below you Society's status is your virtue Feeling like you're the king, and Your mind could control everything [C] [End] Like a baby crawls on the ground America's lower than that Although it's not the country I hate, It's the people that drive me mad Put anothert douche in office, Like Sarah Palin or good 'ol George Then watch the economy fall Into an open gourge GOD BLESS AMERICA Thanks for reading! Reviews and interpertations are appreciated.....THe Fanatic
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