i'm tireddddddd

  • Do you ever feel betrayed? nooooo? Are you anxious a lot? nooooo? Do you stress about small things? idkkkkk? do you jump to conclusions? my friendy says i don't what is 1 thing that is worrying you currently? college blearghhhhh why does it worry you? like, um, moving? and money? do u have doubts about love? what does THAT mean? do you have doubts about yourself? yeah if yes, then why? cause? do you ever get paranoid? omg zombies if yes, about what? i just said zombies!! Is there someone who has changed your life? these are the weirdest questions!!!! impacted it? well duh like everyone you ever talk to do you care what people think? well yahh for/against same-sex marriage? for If no, then why? just said yeah Do you/ have you gotten high? .........no!!!! lol Have you/do you drink? .........no!!! If yes, how often?why? i'm not counting..... Are you happy with your life? totally If no,then why? Do you have a bf/gf? no If no, then why? cause like there's nobody to date Do you judge people on looks alone? no but that's pretty damn important lol Are you racist? no Sexist? no Whats your sexual preference? none? lol but boys are better Have u/do u have a crush on a teacher? no. ew. my teachers are gross. what is something personal about you? i have a brother! do u like cake? yeah do u know what a fetus is? fetus? ew is that like a disease??? ....seriously, survey? How short are the shortest pair of shorts you have ever worn? pretty damn short how many texts do you have in your inbox? i don't have a freaking inbox! what about your sent messages? look, mf-er i don't have a phone! When you say youre sorry do you mean it? rarely.....ok maybe sometimes....when i mean it i usually don't say it have you ever wished you were someone else? yeah whats the worst thing you have ever said to anyone? i don't know....
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