• June 10, 2009
  • hushie
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  • things are pretty much as it always is. boring, not very exciting.. not much going on. K apologized to me though for how she acted during the whole M thing. which i didn't tell you about. see K is M's friend as well as mine, so when i stopped being M's friend K got her nose into something that was not her business and stopped being my friend and kicked me from the lunch table (i didn't know it at the time but apparently we're still in elementary school). i thought it was nice of her to own up to it so of course i accepted. i'm still sitting with my brother at lunch though, i didn't really want to switch tables again with only 3 days left of school. the only (and yes, i mean only) downside to not having M as a friend anymore is that i pretty much have nobody to sit with in the morning so i'm just alone but it doesn't bother me because i like to sit and people watch. and in my school... there's A LOT to be seen. my brother's old girlfriend J told me i could sit with her so i wouldn't be alone, and i really want to. i'm really shy though. i need a best friend. one like L. the girl who left me in 7th grade, who was my complete best friend who i did everything with and the best friend you don't have to share. it's just you two, you know? i want something like that. but who knows, maybe it'll happen or maybe i'll just be alone forever. also the boy i said i liked before, i don't really like him, i like him but not LIKE that. haha. well he, let's call him C... and i joke around with each other a lot. i always make jokes about his dad and i. as in now one time in health he goes "you have herpes!" and i was like "yep, i got them from your dad." and then one time he roared at someone, i know that sounds weird haha but he was like "did you like my roar" and i was like "your dad roars better in bed." i'm a complete loser. but, i help him cheat on tests if he doesn't know answers, and today we thumb wrestled and i lost. but it was awesome. ... i guess that's the closest we'll get to holding hands
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