• 1. Literally - the meaning has been hijacked and now it's purely used for redundant emphasis. 2. "I mean ..." - used as an opener for a response to a question. wtf? How can you clarify something you haven't even said yet? 3. 15 Minutes of Fame - possibly the dumbest overused quote ever, from a guy who xeroxed Campbell's soup cans 4. Gate as a suffix for scandal - blahgate this blahgate that 5. Think Outside of the Box - Too bad the people who use this phrase so often don't 6. Going/Moving Forward - yeah, off the ledge 7. Honestly - used as an opener/qualifier. If you have to make a special note that you're speaking honestly or frankly then what the hell are you usually spouting? Exactly. 8. Quite frankly/Let me be frank (into role-playing?) - see 7.
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