248 Days - Ho Ho Hopefully

  • I like this song a lot. I can't wait to see The Maine in November. Huzzah. Mitch was mad at me today over something stupid. Well maybe it's not stupid to him. He keeps thinking I'm going to dump Charlie I guess, and he keeps comparing this relationship to my past ones. I think that's ridiculous, because they're different things. He told me I need to put an effort in to deal with my commitment issues. Yeah, it's not that easy. Trust me, I've tried countless times before. But anyway, I passed my G1 test and I got a job at Burger King. I know, big step up from Wendy's. Oh well, I can swallow my dignity for money. I have two tests tomorrow. Lame. Stephie and I studied for about 2 hours after school, and I'm still worried. Shoot me.
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