• Krampakton E3:022300 E:022100 E3, EE (rhythm: bum (chick) bum bum (chick)) it's the one cramping inside of the golden sun it's the time that i know I'll reach when I'm alive bridgey thing: one guitar be like: D|---1---1---1- A|-3---3---3--- repeating that shat bass is like: A|-3-3-----6-6-4-4- E|-----4-4--------- uthah guit: duh dah duh dah dit-dit-dit(trip) e|--8-9-8-9-10-10-10- B|--8-8-8-8--8--8--8- and shit mayan^ and chorus maybay like G#, A#, Cm, D7 ya know?!?!??!?!!?! aighoawitj;oj
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