Formal Proposal Song

  • Formal Proposal The topic I chose for the inscription of my research paper assignment is homelessness. Based on current knowledge, I would have to say that homelessness is a big problem in America. This topic has initiated my curiosity ever since I stepped foot into the darkness of downtown Seattle’s alleyways where creatures of the night roam: Homeless People. Most people, who don’t know what to do with their lives or get involved with drugs, usually end up homeless. My research question is: How will America ever completely rid its cities of public homelessness? I plan to find information that explains how American society plans on getting people back on their feet. There must be many projects and organizations that are currently working on this issue, and I expect to find out their achievements and accomplishments towards the goal of having clean city streets. I plan on researching information from mainly university and organization websites online. One university website I plan on receiving information on is Seattle University’s website ( which has information on homelessness awareness and fact sheets. There are many organization websites that I plan on including in my research that support the elimination of homelessness. Aside from internet sources, I will alternatively use books about homelessness that can be found in my local library. My research method will be to gather information by reading scholarly journals and articles found in the resources I find. Reading through books all about the topic of homelessness would be my next step to further understanding of the topic.
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