d00d im a n00b???

  • ahah i like putting "dood" like d00d its been years since my last entry. im not 14 or 15 anymore. yeh im an old fuck cuz im 16 FUKERS. D: im soo old ahahaaa =) just kidding i cant wait until im 18 so i can finally get more piercings!!!! [5 more to be exact!!!] :D i still love the strokes with all of my heart. i want ice cream. sponge bob is on. they finally have new episodes **THANK GOD** cuz i was getting tired of seeing the re-runs over and over again. school starts on August 15th. I hope i get a class with Chris. =/ . uhhhm i want a best friend. annnddd a puppie!!!! awwwww. savvy errrm i need to go school shopping, for school supplies, and clothes. d00d i need to clean before my mama gets home or else she'll be mad,and then she wont buy me SHIT for school. ahahaha well hopefully i get to go to a show before school starts. i hope we go to mexico too. yeah were going to Ensanada 2 days b4 school starts. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! lates. David is a dick.
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