heels over head

  • :] officially my favorite song of the week. I'm going to see John on Thursday and I think I'll be staying 'til Sunday. I'm really excited, I haven't seen him since Easter which was like.. two weeks ago. Well, two weeks & two days, but whatever. I don't even need to bring presents this time :P One Easter, I had to bring him his Valentine's day gift and his birthday present. He loved both and he was like, amazed by the cards :P I mean, I must admit, those cards were rather snazzy, I spent a lot of time on them and I was really impressed with how they came out. Blah blah blah, this doesn't matter :] Um. I'm on spring break and I need to go ahead and make plans for tonight and tomorrow. My bestest friend in the world is in Florida, I miss her lots. I was supposed to be doing some vandalizing this week, but this kid Craig didn't go on vacation. I know that making his car look like shit isn't exactly nice, but he's such a dick to everybody and nobody will have a problem with it beside him and his girlfriend. I'm gonna go finish cleaning my room so my mommy can't be like "nah, you're not going to John's." 'cause I'd cry for a trillion hours.
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