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#1 by wutsmyageagain 7 months ago
This is the song:

I'm wondering about the 5th last line below, namely "Climb to life":
Is it Climb to life or is it something else?

Also, after submitting the lyrics, is there a place where I can see the status or some other indication that it was submitted successfully?

Welcome to Saint of Sin
Nothing ever stands still
The passage of motions sway and sweep
Swirling up billows of starlight
Bursting into the void of blackness
Reminding us of an echo of the ancient call
The sound is distant
But the forbidden skies open up
Like a celestial eye
Beckoning to a voyage of a different kind
A thunderous welcome turns into an icy hush
And we drift into the silence standing tall
In a vessel of gold on waves of anticipation
The fireworks of solar flares shed their translucent rays
To reveal the sacred kingdom
Once believed to be lost forever behind the clouds
Gabriel shows us a passageway that seems to have no beginning and no end
A perfect circle of eternity, an infinity
Nothing shall be lost
The higher we go the more we see
The more we feel with each breath
Rise, ascend!
The ancient call will have no end
Climb to life
A birthplace with no end
Go back, go back!
Return to love again
(Return to love again)
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#2 by wutsmyageagain 7 months ago
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#3 by JLoDaMofo 6 months ago
I think you are right but she doesn't say it very clearly.

Could do with a bit of Hoppus/Barker rhythm though. And maybe some Delonge howling? Cloooiiiim to liiiiiiiife.


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