Warren Zevon

One of the most acute and savagely satiric songwriters of his era, Warren Zevon was born in Chicago on January 24, 1947. His formative years were as colorful as the scenarios played out in his music: his father was a ... Read more
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My Favorite Things
A few of my favorite songs
163 1 JeffKaos71
Classic Rock
49 3 fallon
Sick to the Bone
Just a tired feeling, of trying and not getting anywhere. But certainly getting older.
13 0 davidecoyote
Graveyard Shiftin'
A playlist for everyone working the Night Shift or Graveyard Shift - music to get you through the night and morning...
26 0 maphx
Seismic Waves
Songs to make you shudder.
28 3 degsy101259
Random Ear Candy
16 0 littlehead
Move Your Ass
15 1 littlehead
Halloween Howls
A mixtape for the spookiest of holidays. Monsters! Mayhem! Music!
45 0 Mellow_Harsher
Happy Halloween
A mix of some of the best songs about Halloween.
5 0 dan
millitary songs
2 0 Test Data
Made me happy today
Whatever songs come up during my work shift that delight me.
19 0 sharkycharming
Songs That Move Me
Various songs artists and genres, but mainly singer-songwriters.
3 0 LiliCD
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