Blind Melon

Whereas most up-and-coming alternative bands of the early '90s borrowed from the leaders of the pack (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, etc.), Blind Melon were an exception to the rule -- their roots lay in classic rock ... Read more
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For the down side...
18 4 madskinnylad
this is a collection of songs that have many inner emotions and make one feel both happy and sad. most of these are rock and punk.
11 0 TheBlackSheep
Viva la Grunge!
The best of the best of Grunge... and some others. Enjoy!
15 5 TKirby
songs i love
21 5 writersblock
Josh's Mixtape
It's going to be all over the place
13 2 supernuke
Hope, Love and More Feelings
For The One I Love
20 0 Soloidus
Blue in the Face
29 0 MarcusH
Heart Songs
Greatest Songs Ever Written
27 0 stuntmannorm
Sandy Beach
A compilation that really sums me up. The intended audience is thinkers and idealists and pariahs and those who are "different"; those who ...
147 2 syndetic
Songs About Rain
Name a bad song about rain. You can't. There you go.
16 6 kaotic73
Chronicles of an unwelcome event. VOL. 1
29 1 RockStamos
25 0 rlreid
You're the only mistake I'll never regret.
15 0 Frostilina
IN Times of Pondering
19 0 insquire
Sunny mood
A mix of pop, reggae, funk, folk and alternative rock that tries to fight the 'Rainy Mood' hype.
14 0 maxico44
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Our latest Monday MixTape from our Facebook followers.
11 2 dan
My fave songs from my birth year.
24 0 feminist92
Some random good songs (Indie and Rock). Meaningful lyrics.
47 0 brunobr
Favorite Volume 3
30 2 melomano
favorite songs
8 0 AnHonestMess
23 0 scratcher
golden words
7 0 bmo1409
My Soul
13 1 MonicaRose
my karaoke deck
I sing a lot of karaoke, I have a rather large deck of songs.
7 0 skybleach
Blind Melon
3 0 MattPete19
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