Judas Priest

Judas Priest was one of the most influential heavy metal bands of the '70s, spearheading the New Wave of British Heavy Metal late in the decade. Decked out in leather and chains, the band fused the gothic doom of Black ... Read more
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Heavy Fucking Metal
Classic heavy metal, power metal and a touch of rock n' roll! \m/
19 0 BruceGrenger
One Lost Love Older
After the fallout, the soggy tissues and the walls punched, the blanket of comfort - in the form of wistful music - wraps itself around me.
18 1 musicgypsy
Randoms for a random life
This mixtape is songs that are gathered together because they are songs that I have heard in my life and that I have somehow attatched them ...
12 0 Gravity56
Heavy Hair Metal
16 2 billie1172
Thoughts from August
Just as the title suggests, the songs that are on my mind this month
16 0 Tarrant7575
Sexy Banana
A friend of mine wanted some new music, and he'd never gotten into metal before, so I gave him this as an introduction to the genre in gener...
16 1 gray96
my feelings emotions and dreams Volume 2
have lived a life of hopeless despair in my head and music, never knew why. was recently told have CTE to many concusions(30) as a kid. unde...
18 0 pirate87
music that gets you thinking
6 0 marrs666
Metal Party Album!
Just songs suited for an awesome metal party!
7 1 Trism
Sociopolitical Metal
Some of the smarter tracks from the heavier side of things.
12 4 dgb49
Introduction To Metal: Tier One
This is my first mixtape, and so I thought about project in which I create various playlists that steadily and appropriately adapt a new lis...
10 0 ThrashAddict
Title is pronounced "rock". I made this mixtape (an actual cassette, no kidding) to listen to on the way to "work", hence the mispelling. ...
20 1 gray96
True metal
These songs are what I listen to all the time. Just be careful, it's high voltage stuff.
23 2 Paulius
Doesn't get more "real" than this...
9 2 CrimsonSorrow
1 4 HalfordBeatlesMan
Whatever strikes the mood!
6 0 Vandroy
Rock songs, great for getting your blood pumping for playing videogames
12 0 averagejoey2000
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