Sondre Lerche

By the time Sondre Lerche had released his major-label debut (2002's critically acclaimed Faces Down), the 19-year-old Norwegian was already a veteran of the music industry. Signed to Virgin Norway in 2000, Lerche released ... Read more
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Soft And Amazing
This is a mixtape having all my favorite love,acoustic and blues songs. its theme based. the order is necessary. I hope u like it
34 0 theresurrect
First mix my girlfriend made for me. The woman has talent.
15 4 TtotheJ279
this one is for the way my hands feel without you
10 0 MLIPh
songs that describe r/s
11 0 hunniebunch
Nap Time!
Music I can relax to and if I must- can sleep to. My perfect lullabies.
9 0 Sunshineshine
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