Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

After goth pioneers the Birthday Party called it quits in 1983, singer/songwriter Nick Cave assembled the Bad Seeds, a post-punk supergroup featuring former Birthday Party guitarist Mick Harvey on drums, ex-Magazine bassist ... Read more
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JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs
A nice selection of my favorite songs.
173 7 JohnnyLurg
Underrated Love Songs
30 1 JohnnyLurg
My music choice
9 0 Suasan
health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Desert Island VII
Made for a competition, this is a two disc compilation of what I'd bring with me if I were trapped on an island and only could bring two CDs...
34 0 bono_212
Songs to Ponder
These are just songs that make me think.
11 0 OnlineParasite
Some of my favourite songs
45 0 Nerio
I chose an eternity of this
I met him at a party and he told me how to drive him home. He said he'd like to do it backwards. I said that's just fine with me. That way w...
23 0 Enooby
Love songs
22 0 boom
Blunt Trauma
One I made after I was blindsided in an intersection by a guy running a red light, and had closed head trauma. Life was strange and dark fo...
16 1 JackTHorn
Schlock Lobster
Just some music that makes me happy.
44 0 Donaldson
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 11
30 0 JohnnyLurg
Songs from "Hellblazer"
No, not the terrible adaptation movie -- the source material, the Hellblazer books published by Vertigo. Suggestions and comments welcome, ...
23 0 JackTHorn
God-Like Songs
Those songs that I will never get tired of, no matter how many times I listen to them.
10 0 pluginbabyyyy
Deep Music for Wordless Times
The music here is some stuff that I've at some point listened to in awe.
11 1 x123321x
Badfishmuser's Happy Nostalgia Mix
Eclectic mix that should bring a smile to your face, I sincerely hope. Always growing as I remember songs that I enjoy and discover. Forgiv...
30 2 badfishmuser
14 0 littlehead
Halloween's Creepiest and Most Unnerving Songs
All the songs that Ultimate Guitar users have voted to be the creepiest!
42 1 *OuTbREaK*
20 0 malouza
My fave songs from my birth year.
24 0 feminist92
The Various Emotions of Dika B.
Different songs that reflect my life and how I feel about certain events and experiences.
19 0 Drakanaa
Songs at My Funeral
Just so you know.
8 4 erosanikatos
Folk music... love those acoustics <3
4 0 poopoobuddy
Men Have Problem, Too
this was for a friend
13 0 smoothbass
For Writing Horror
Just some songs that help me with my horror writing.
12 0 OnlineParasite
Oh, You Dog!
All of the songs make use of the word dog, mostly figuratively. But rather than an exhaustively showing of all things dog, this mostly compa...
6 2 reverendlarry
Doss sounds
ok it's just a mix of some of my favourite all time tracks. Simple as that
7 0 ProfessorEagleOwl
May 2012 for Cavemen with blues
Did your woman get away? Mammoth herd nowhere to be found? Bummer. These songs are handpicked to help ease the pain in your simple, simple h...
10 0 smoothbass
The Goods.
11 0 rosejmac
A Quick Mixtape B4 I Jet
my favorite current songz
37 0 JeffKaos71
Made me happy today
Whatever songs come up during my work shift that delight me.
19 0 sharkycharming
Nick Cave
12 0 ananemone
Odd Lyrics, Strange Songs
8 0 lunule
Music and the Good Life
I had to write a paper about what constitutes a good life, and I chose to write about music. Included in this playlist are songs that I talk...
12 0 MaelwysII
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