The Tragically Hip

While hugely popular in their native Canada, the Tragically Hip found the global charts continually resistant to their blues-influenced pop fare. Formed in 1984 in Kingston, Ontario, the band comprised childhood friends ... Read more
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Asexual Playlist
15 13 NChoir
songs i love
21 5 writersblock
Just my favourite songs of all time.
53 1 aidualc
Blunt Trauma
One I made after I was blindsided in an intersection by a guy running a red light, and had closed head trauma. Life was strange and dark fo...
16 1 JackTHorn
90's & 00's Soft Songs
All kind of songs from all kind of guitar orientated bands with a soft and/or melancholy melody. Trying to avoid the most top40 and commerci...
17 2 FireFly65
All Time Best
All of my favourite songs on a single mixtape.
8 0 pokechik
Chansons de marin
Gus & Johnny, Ottawa
13 0 aukestrel
The women of Macbeth
A mixtape for the women of Macbeth, who don't even have first names.
10 1 aukestrel
sad ones
10 0 starvingartist79
the best
30 0 starvingartist79
2 0 Otomodachi
Road trippin
2 0 beckstwin
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