Cat Power

Penning songs that are offbeat in narrative, but literate and emotionally revealing, and performing them in a soulful, idiosyncratic style that reveals both strength and fragility, Cat Power was one of the most acclaimed ... Read more
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Happy Song Mix
A lot of happy songs if someone needs some cheering up!
126 2 TheIntimindator27
health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Mud On The Tracks
A break-up album.
24 12 caleby
You Expected To Be Sad In The Fall
You can download it here if you'd like:
15 6 disappearxhere
love is a losing game.
songs you shouldn't listen to during cold nights and troubled thoughts, but you do anyways...
23 0 osculation
Love Sux
I dont know..what is my mixtape?
14 0 loveJungleBoogy
You're Pretty Addicting
The first in a series of mixtapes for a girl I know. These are just track listings. Of course I actually made the tape. Track listings, thou...
14 2 YawnyFlint
Human Blanket Volume 1
29 0 fallon
dance dance dance dance dance to the radio
10 0 artslut
25 0 rlreid
Sunshine, warmth, sensuality. All that good shit. Plays well on the road!
22 0 singult
A Somber Christmas
A collection of songs that get me ready to be somber yet content during the holiday season.
14 0 manicmarkus
Special Songs
17 0 chainreaction
for a girl I know
17 0 artslut
Running Mix
The songs I listen to while running.
21 0 JakobTischler
50 Favorite
work inspired by the lyrical word
27 0 ai9652
i saw you through tinted glass
15 0 seniasunshine
- to accompany an Itunes playlist.
30 0 emiml
13 0 littlehead
Memories in lyrics
23 3 klarusia
mixtape no. 1
this is about everything i'm missing
10 1 irenekate
"Honest to blog."
Soundtrack to Juno - one of my favorite movies.
17 7 XNeverMind
remember middle school?
Middle school
9 1 bjort
In Like
About the wonderful joys of liking someone.
11 0 vaha
quarter life crisis
pretty self explanatory
12 0 Leillu
sleepy/dead Volume 1
fading away...cause it's pointless...
30 0 moonshadowbird396
All About Love
Love makes you burn, love makes you shake, makes you feel.
25 0 marialmrocha
A Great Leap Of Faith
This mixtape is my interpretation of a picture by Canadian artist An...
14 2 muzikizum
Lying, so you won't let go
a boy
64 0 SleepWalkin
My Soul
13 1 MonicaRose
destial soundtarck
7 0 saum4
Autumn 2011
13 0 potatis
ethereal vocals
female lead, minimal to no percussion, soft vocals, minor key
36 0 LilyBear
Playing by the rules
songs that have resonated with me through learning curves (& while playing ingress)
19 0 kirs10
Metal Heart.
A blend of melancholy folk songs and slow-tempo indie tunes.
10 1 XNeverMind
Maybe Not
It's about life and friends and moving on with a lighter load.
3 0 BurningPlastic
Viva La Woman!
A collection of songs from my favorite female musicians - genres ranging from alternative rock, punk, indie, garage, and everything in betwe...
28 0 XNeverMind
Nick Cave
12 0 ananemone
Solemn ceremony
Some crunchy bits for contemplation before on or after your 30th birthday (in the 21st century)
22 0 kirs10
Midnight on the Road
Driving music late at night, darkness within darkness.
6 0 stageon
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