Although they didn't reach platinum status until 2003, hardcore punk revivalists AFI originally formed in 1991, when the band's four founding members -- vocalist Davey Havok, guitarist Markus Stopholese, bassist Vic Chalker, ... Read more
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Pissed at Society Collection
SometimesI get mad. I get mad at how pacified most people are. I get mad at the injustices the government inflicts on us as well as the res...
13 10 NateFairbanks
Caught up in the moment
Vaguely classified 'rock/punk-ish' songs that just capture me in the moment... every time.
30 0 bronzetunage
Everything Just Bleeds
I wrote two playlists this summer, one in case things worked out well with this girl I was interested in, one in case they didn't. This is ...
12 2 davidecoyote
Compilation 97: Anthems of Summer Angst
So back in 2007, I was a very bitter and angsty teenager and I felt that this album would get all of that out of me, did not but it...
18 0 hrm249
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
30 1 jrockerchic
Unmatched melodies and lyrics can be found here for an awe-inspiring audio experience.
27 0 sXe LEXXI
that strange optimistic feeling you get, even though you're depressed and it just makes you smile =)
31 0 x17xeternelletruthx17x
Therian Mix
All songs that remind me of therianthropy.
7 2 EchiWolf
Today there was a tragedy underneath the bridge
What are you trying to say? I'M crazy? When I went to YOUR schools, I went to YOUR churches, I went to YOUR institutional learning facilitie...
19 0 Enooby
Punk Comp
Various Punk songs I slam to....
30 2 ReligionIsFear
Variety is the spice of life. Let me know your favourite song on my mixtape. There is something for everybody
30 4 chipporaider
Including Valentine's Day, Earth Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, a song for almost any day of the...
15 0 sXe LEXXI
My faves
8 0 avery3573
2 0 MrsHavok
Punk, fun or not
Positive, negative, all sorts of tives. However, you will not find any green day on this, as they are not punk.
9 4 NotaShattyFatmas
My Favorite Songs
Just a collection of my favorite songs
5 0 mechadollie
Songs I really like
Stuff I'm currently addicted to...
3 0 Skypath
Awesome songs
im really into rock, so this playlist embodies that, but not just one type of rock. ALL TYPES!
31 2 flyleaf62
Fragments of Joy
i'm not too good with words, but if you just listen to the music, to the words, i hope that i can convey to you what this mixtape is about t...
1 0 ThroughMyEyes
Introduction To Metal: Tier Two
A continuation of my project; things are escalating...
10 0 ThrashAddict
Songs I like
42 0 gleice115
Ein's Musical Taste
Hey people. I just registered on song meanings, so I want to show you what my musical taste is like. This list is something like my introduc...
13 1 Ein1
The Deepest Songs
1 0 YouBeautifulCatastrohe
1 0 jujubee1121
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