Far and away the longest lasting and the most successful of the '70s progressive rock groups, Yes proved to be one of the lingering success stories from that musical genre. The band, founded in 1968, overcame a generational ... Read more
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sequenced so as to make as little sense as is possible
55 2 monokhromenite
Good Vibrations
Just a list of good songs to give good vibrations,put in a semi-concept format.its also supposed to have Staggolee by pacific gas & electric...
22 4 hotchocolateboy
music to fill your head
8 0 Stashyjon
7 0 PAUL4ever
Karma is a Bitch...Instant Karma... Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Well we all shine on Ev'ryone come on.....
11 4 moonshadowbird396
Love Rock
A simple mix tape containing various Classic Rock songs with a theme based around love.
19 0 WholeGrn
progressive rock gems
I swear, the 70's progressive rock genre contains some of the most beautiful songs created. And if ye don't agree with me, I'm sorry but thi...
11 5 musicgypsy
Act I
35 0 kirs10
PhD program applications
Scaffolding, cascades, differentiation fates and commitment to cell-cycle completion
19 0 kirs10
13 2 kirs10
Solemn ceremony
Some crunchy bits for contemplation before on or after your 30th birthday (in the 21st century)
22 0 kirs10
welcome. light up
4 0 johny11734
I'm doing science
4 0 kirs10
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