Switchfoot was formed in the 1990s by brothers Jon Foreman (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Tim Foreman (Bass, BGVs), and their friend Chad Butler (Drums).  Since this time, they have added Jerome Fontamillas (Keyboards, ... Read more
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Kickass Love Songs
Play this to your girl, and you're guaranteed to get laid.
20 34 Archangel717
Chillout and Burn
Refer to the title.
6 0 Haddashal
Sad songs for dirty lovers
With all the crap you'd like to believe in.
21 1 neuroticvinyl
About Me
Songs that describe me
32 2 izdiedrich2016
Keep Breathing
19 0 alsweetlcoma
A compilation of songs about the last year of school I had. It chronicles the mix of challenges and emotions I faced, with a satisfying res...
14 1 davidecoyote
tape 1
26 0 bridgette6982
Feeling Infinite
it's about being young and being scared of the future but above that, feeling utter glee about the things that didn't kill you and only made...
6 5 clariceandhersongs
I like 'em...OK
all kinds of faves I don't know where to start
409 1 ky24seehus
Thinkin about your body
just a mix to help me gather my thoughts about a certain someone ;) granted, some songs are corny....but oh hell, this person's corny! xD
18 2 musicgypsy
Every single song on this mixtape has something inspirational to say, and, put together, they could give you a major mood boost!
27 0 sXe LEXXI
17 0 austinparish
Including Valentine's Day, Earth Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, a song for almost any day of the...
15 0 sXe LEXXI
The Amazing Mixtape
Amazing music, amazing taste. Featuring the famous and the undiscovered, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy!
81 2 ICollectCDs
30 0 nanner777
2 0 cyhnxd
Favorite Songs<3
My favorite songs.
7 0 ItsBriannaHere
Happy music.
30 0 Archangel717
He > I
Some Christian songs I love. I'll take suggestions to add to it in comments(:
13 1 Bekah14
Awesome songs
im really into rock, so this playlist embodies that, but not just one type of rock. ALL TYPES!
31 2 flyleaf62
all me
24 0 countrygirl15
Follow Your Heart
This mix of songs is about being patient and understanding that your true self lies within your heart. Life is full of so many twisted roads...
11 0 innerbeauty92
springy it's a state of mind. warm & happy.
5 1 kattrina
Motivating songs
These are just some songs whose lyrics I find inspiring :)
33 2 alexpr
Anniversary Mixtape
This is for my boyfriend, I'd love some feedback and if you have some more songs I could add, then that would be awesome!
27 1 spotifyaddict
Feeling Lost
6 0 Emzee4life
Leila and Sean
2 0 genresavvy
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