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23 0 Sue866
Love of my Life
This mixtape is a compilation of songs that make me think of the Love of My Life. This is his Christmas gift.
10 11 sunnymarie
Music that Moves
Songs that choke me up. Make me stop whatever I'm doing and look off into the sky. Songs that hold an incredible meaning for me.
21 1 musicgypsy
Most Innovative Female Artists Right Now
A list of the most innovative female artists still making music right now. All my own opinion of course. Happy to hear any suggestions you m...
46 2 esckey
A long dark road
17 0 lawlessdan
15 3 CrimsonSorrow
This is all about love, broken heart, depression and hope.....a perfect blend that gives the psychedelic kick on the back of your mind!
54 0 sshiblys
My funeral mixtape
everyone has to have their personal funeral mixtape! hopefully this will expand as time goes on...
11 3 musicgypsy
Wedding Reception Music
Here are some songs I think people will always know and want to dance to at a wedding. Enjoy!
81 0 makattack
the song of songs
poetry, music, writing
13 0 pmwfotos
Love, Love, Love...Agony & Ecstasy...
18 4 CrimsonSorrow
2 0 froda
Songs For Sheila (In Memoriam)
18 3 NChoir
the music to my head-story
a couple years ago I made up a sort of music video in my head that consists of four songs, that tell a story about me.
4 0 iamthephoenixking
Muse For A Bunny
Women with beautiful voices and songs with deep meaning
10 0 Bunnymuse
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