Taking Back Sunday

Formed in 1999 in Amityville, New York, Taking Back Sunday modeled their interpretation of melodic hardcore after bands like Lifetime, Endpoint, and Sunny Day Real Estate, as well as guitarist Ed Reyes' emo outfit the ... Read more
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High School Flashback
Songs from my time in high school, 2002-2006
15 12 Nataliexo
I Miss You
Unrequited love. The subject that no one can ever stop singing about. That's why this mixtape brings you all the best, from "I Can't Stand Y...
83 2 sXe LEXXI
Mardy Bum
13 20 4Little5Little6LittleIndians
Caught up in the moment
Vaguely classified 'rock/punk-ish' songs that just capture me in the moment... every time.
30 0 bronzetunage
I Am For You
A mix for a friend who's going through tough times. You don't need the drugs and the distractions. I know you say that you don't want any...
13 0 iNiks
You Could Destroy Me
For the boy who I've given everything to.
7 0 iNiks
Hmm.. Metal, Punk, Classic... You get the picture.
Jus some tunes I personally like listening to...whether down, pissed off, all out brawl ready, or gf/bf or hus/wif jus cheated on you and j...
28 13 shadowz0789
Blue in the Face
29 0 MarcusH
Dream, Memory, & Flood
About a long distance relationship. Did you say, "No, this can't happen to me?"
13 0 davidecoyote
Songs for Bob (Breakup Mix)
16 0 suzymania
Chronicles of an unwelcome event. VOL. 1
29 1 RockStamos
Angel of Darkness
A ruinous turn of events. Every single contrast is important.
12 0 davidecoyote
Life in a Pringles can
I love all types of music. That is all.
30 3 AnotherSamie
Xmas 2010
Christmas music for this year (:
35 0 lexin3d
songs that remind me of my exes
17 1 skybleach
30 0 calady01
for that deep, soul clenching pain
11 0 Kenny102
to heather.
you're no teenage icon but you're pretty rad and i like you.
174 3 vriska
♥ Volume 1
30 1 ghostthefestivals
Angels & Thunder
If you've loved a boy like thunder before lightning, one first as sweet as an angel and later fallen just like one, or another one like prin...
13 0 sXe LEXXI
Lost in Outerspace
For the days when you feel like you're not living, rather, you're just... there. You're just... being. You serve no purpose, you don't get o...
12 0 iNiks
Wait It Out
For my dearest Maria Mariano, "This is my mixtape for you. It's like I wrote every word with my own fingers."
12 0 iNiks
The Whole Nine Yards
Ever wanted the whole nine yards? Yeah, me too. Especially with that one boy I've always had my eye on. This mix was inspired by Charlott...
9 0 iNiks
.Can't stop.
15 1 anill42
to be added
songs to add to my collection
30 0 sierrakristine
Suffer Little Children
She lives in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find. Forgotten the taste and smell of a world that she's left behind. "It's all about...
23 0 Enooby
Peter Pan Is Miles Away
The mix for the pissed.
4 0 iNiks
The Various Emotions of Dika B.
Different songs that reflect my life and how I feel about certain events and experiences.
19 0 Drakanaa
yours truely.
5 0 ireenie
favorite songs
8 0 AnHonestMess
Nothing Special
Just a mix of a few things both new and familiar to me.
30 0 BreakingTradition
Alt mix
21 0 doneill1027
The BEST Songs!
33 1 Meli75
Songs With Great Lyrics
3 0 kpalmquist
megannns shiitt<33
songs tht reminddd me of youuuu;*
4 0 heymeganheyx
Keep It Down 2
3 1 hollowfellow
Emo Throwbacks
Throwbacks from high school emo days.
8 0 melanieriot
Songs I like
42 0 gleice115
all me
24 0 countrygirl15
25 0 alphapeyt
Amazingly Epic Songs
These are a few of my favorite things :)
10 0 xxL0v3xx
I'm So Sad So Very, Very Sad
11 0 PolarNorth
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